Tuesday, August 19, 2014

P90X3 --> Victory week

So, P90X3 has been taking me well over the 90 days to complete, I've been doing some Chalean Extreme, Body Beast and PiYo here and there. But, here I am, I just completed my first workout in "Victory Week."

So, what do I think of the intense 30 minute X3?

I've actually enjoyed it a lot!

* 30 MINUTES!!!

* Intense, really makes you break a sweat

* Modifications if needed

* Offers some great stretch, flexibility workouts. I love X3 yoga!

* It WORKS! My results have been phenomenal! The growing definition from this total body workout has been INSANE!!!

This new muscle definition has only left me wanting more! Next on my list are Body Beast, PiYo, and T25. Just have to figure out which one to do first!

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