Saturday, August 9, 2014

5 Tips To A More Restful Sleep

Last night, my body was telling me to rest. After an exhausting work week, I settled to bed around 930pm, and my daughter didn't call out to me until 730 this morning (which is rare, she's usually up before 630). Today, even though in bed for those extra hours, during the work week I'm up at 530 and to bed around 1130, I am still feeling super tired today! They say, "the more sleep that you get, the more that you want" right?

How can we make sure that we are getting the most restful night's sleep? Here's my top 5 tips for a better night's rest.

1. Keep the electronics out of the room. I tend to have 2 cell phones at my bedside every night. My personal phone, which I use for the alarm, and my work phone. I tend to find it hard to refrain from not looking at a phone before bed.

2. Watch what you eat and drink before bed time. Avoid large meals, alcohol and stimulating drinks before bed to help your body relax. Opt for tea.

3. Make sure it's dark. A dark room helps the body recognize that it's time to sleep and helps the production of Melatonin to make the body tired and it helps to regulate sleep patterns.

4. Regular exercise helps for a more restful sleep.

5. Routine. I am very much a creature of habit. I like routine, I like structure. The same routine night after night will make the body recognize that it's time for sleep. Give yourself time to wind down, a warm bath, a good book, soft music.

Make sure to relax! Happy sleeping

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