Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Fitness "Fad"...Is it something that you can stick with?

The fitness fad has been around us all at some point right? Through the "I'll start Monday," the new year's resolution, or the upcoming event that we want to look our best for.

My first we stick with our fitness routine? OR, do we even begin one at all? What's your true motivation for wanting to change your lifestyle? Because in actual fact, that's what it is. A lifestyle change. Not a quick fix in a short period of time that will promise permanent results.

It's a total makeover of yourself. Not just physically, but mentally, you need to get motivated and push yourself during the times that you would much prefer to lay around. It's a makeover of your diet. "Abs are made in the kitchen right?" About 70% of your weight loss comes from what you are eating, NOT how much you workout. It's a makeover of your habits. It takes 21 days to create a habit. Pushing play everyday will get you to a place where you just go workout. It becomes as natural as brushing your teeth. You just need to be committed.

But what can you do to REALLY get to your goals? For me, it started with a Beachbody challenge group. I loved that I had a place to check in everyday to get the motivation and tips that I was looking for. It was a place that I went to be accountable to what I had to do. A place that offered me clean eating meal tips and meal planning tips. A place that I could go to vent any frustrations that I may have had trying to control my sweet tooth, any struggles that I may have had with my workout routine. It offered a place where other challengers as well as a coach could help to support and motivate me through my journey.

As I sit here, I am taking a rest day from my workout because after working out everyday to P90X3 and shoveling the copius amounts of snow that we've had this week, I'm just not sure how much my shoulders can take. However, I still feel as though I SHOULD be doing my normal workout routine. Not because I feel guilty, but because it's what I do after my daughter goes to bed. It's definitely become a habit and something that I look forward to.

I have monthly challenge groups running every month if you feel that you need some extra motivation and accountability to reach your goals!

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