Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nay to the naysayers!

I began my health and fitness journey last July, and since then I have seen my body transform from a skinny, unhealthy 30 something with a post partum "pooch," to a leaner, more confident, healthier version of myself (with a 6 pack!).

I have had my definite fair share of naysayers along the way. "Why are you trying to lose weight?" "You don't need to exercise." "You're obsessed." "What do you eat? Butter and flax seed?" Umm, butter and flax seed? Seriously?? But yes, it was asked to me believe it or not!

I eat clean pretty much 90% of the time and I workout. I do it for me. I do it for my family, my daughter. So that I can be the very best that I can be for myself as well as for them. I don't count calories, but I DO pay attention to WHAT I put into my body.  Honestly, even though I wouldn't sit and eat that burger that you're scarfing down, I would begrudge you because of it! Well, maybe a little, but quietly to myself. I would never make a comment about it to you. Don't get me wrong, nobody's perfect, and I NEVER once claimed to be. I do enjoy some chocolate from time to time!

What really just gets right under my skin is when family, yes, family are the ones that continue to judge your lifestyle. they don't seem to care about how much better you feel, and how much better you feel about yourself. They just see you as the skinny one that never needed to diet, exercise and lose weight. So you must be anorexic right? Umm, actually no! Why is the way I live somehow driving people to think that I have an eating disorder? I saw myself as being unhealthy and tired and wanting to make a change. That's it. Why do we feel the need to associate healthy eating and exercising as something that only people that need to lose weight do?!

I don't feel supported by the decisions that I make in regards to my lifestyle. Really though, it doesn't matter to me, yes, it does I guess, but I'm not doing this for the health of my Mother or my Sister or Aunt or Cousin or whomsoever else. I'm doing it for ME, my daughter, my husband! I want my child to grow up with healthy values, to know what healthy living is. RANT OVER! Thanks for being sounding board.

So, what do we do about the naysayers and the negative nellies that come our way?

1. Be prepared for anything that they may say to bring you down. Don't look at it as a personal attack on you, they may just be envious of your dedication.

2. Don't get defensive. Be the better person. You don't want to say something that you may regret later.

3. Be sure to remember that this is YOUR health. You're doing this for YOU, not for them.

4. Talk with them. Find out what's really bothering them about your new lifestyle. Let them know how you feel when they make those negative comments and stand your ground!

5. Find support from others. Surround yourself with like minded people with whom you share common interests. You'll feel that much better!

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