Monday, April 28, 2014

Planning and Prepping

So, I like control, therefore, I plan whatever I can. And because I am super health conscious (obsessed as my sister likes to label it), planning my meals definitely falls into the planning category.

I never go to the grocery store blindly. I have a well thought out grocery list. I find that I need to be extra diligent when my Husband is away for work because a random trip to the grocery store may not always be possible when you have a napping toddler.

My grocery list? I try to push for 100% clean ingredients. A few staples in our house are :
-chicken breast, ground or boneless, skinless
-fresh fruit and berries
-fresh and frozen veggies
-tomato sauce
-greek yogurt
-almond milk

Sundays tend to be my meal prep day, prepping for the coming work week. I always whip of a batch of my homemade granola, some jars of overnight oats, and separate appropriate servings of berries and sliced veggies for easy grab and go from the fridge.

Here's my current meal plan for this week. feel free to contact me for any recipes that aren't up on this site yet!

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