Saturday, April 19, 2014

P90X3 and Easter Treats! Ways to refrain from the sweets!

I'm just about finished the first block of the Classic schedule of P90X3. I love love love this workout. What more do you want? the comedic stylings of Tony Horton and an AWESOME workout in 30 minutes!!!

I'm even becoming a cardio lover! Well, umm, not quite, but my cardio endurance is improving which in turn is enabling me to enjoy it so much more!

The 4th week of the first block is transition week. This week isn't like the first 3, it incorporates more days of stretching workouts. Which, I'm sure that the increase in stretching serves some purpose, but, honestly, I can't wait for the intense workouts again.

I love that so far, this workout incorporates cardio, strength training and flexibility training and I really feel that I'm getting a fantastic workout at the end of the half hour.

I have to admit that this past week, I've been a little off kilter with my nutrition. I've been sticking to me meal plan, however, since the Hubs has been home, I may or may not have had one too many pieces of chocolate! Junk food, like chocolate bars and potato chips, unfortunately, have always been my weakness. I'll have to take extra care to not overindulge with treats now being in the house.

5 Ways to avoid overindulging:

1. Save chocolate for dessert.
Have chocolate, just one piece for dessert here and there after a meal. It's ok to have a piece every now and then, as long as you're not eating it in droves!

2. Stock your fridge.
Have your usual delicious, healthy options on hand so you aren't automatically drawn to eat chocolate in excess.

3. Don't buy in bulk.
Make a point to buy a small amount of good quality chocolate, instead of buying a multitude of another kind. Less in the house is less that you will eat!

4. Portion control.
Pay close attention to portions and stick to your meal plan as best as you can.

5. Consider raw chocolate.
Mix cacao and coconut oil together and put into moulds and put them in the freezer. You can add whatever extras you like to them, coconut, nuts, etc.

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