Friday, October 17, 2014

Strong is the New Skinny

Why do YOU workout? Is it to lose weight? To be healthy? Is it just a healthy hobby that you have?

Personally, I use fitness to be healthy, not to lose weight, but to have my body in the best possible shape and condition that I can. I also use it as an outlet to de-stress at the end of the day when I could really use some me time, some time just to work on myself and clear my mind of any chaos from the day.

Right now, I'm doing Body Beast and let me tell you, it's intense weight training, more intense than I'm used to. Weights that I could lift with ease in other programs have suddenly become heavier and I really feel the burn. and no, it's not because I've been on a fitness hiatus.

I gauge my fitness level and strength my different postures that I can hold and for how long I can hold them. Plus, I gauge progress by how much I'm able to lift.

I have been determined to master the crow. Some yogis may feel, "wow! piece of cake!" But I haven't had enough upper body strength (until now) to hold it for too long without falling flat on my face! Last week, I was able to do the crow and hold the pose for about 2 minutes. Which was huge for me! I didn't fall on my face, I merely let myself down out the pose, just because I didn't want to get overconfident and end up with a broken nose!

Every day is a new opportunity and a new accomplishment in my fitness journey. I will continue to get stronger, more confident in myself and in my abilities, and to be a healthy example for my child.

Have a wonderful day!

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