Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coaching Opportunity

I am on a mission to get fit and healthy and in the process, I have been given the opportunity to help others who are out to achieve the same things in life. Regular people...busy moms that are looking to get healthy and fit to set a great example to their children, or to be able to keep up with them. Working women/moms who spend so much time and energy engrossed in their career and families to really take the time out for themselves. Who feel a sense of  release now taking a half hour or hour, etc. working out in the privacy of their own home when the kids are tucked in with no obligations, no responsibility, no deadlines, just them and their dvd #pushingplay.

I used to want to be a gym rat, go to the gym and know exactly what I wanted to do, and know exactly what I HAD to do to get there. No frequent fitness buffs making me feel intimidated. Now, I have the luxury of working out in my basement with my own personal trainer (via dvd), getting a highly effective workout and actually seeing results. Results that I never thought were possible for me! Just me, the tv, and a set of weights, releasing and de-stressing from the busy day that was.

All things are possible if we just believe that they are. Consistency in your fitness regime and meal plan will help you attain the results that you desire!

I am looking for 10 potential coaches right now who want to take the bull by the horns and build a highly profitable business. Work from wherever you like, makes as much money as you want, get discounts.You don't have to be a fitness or nutrition guru, you just have to be a product of the product. Live the healthy Beachbody lifestyle and share your experiences with others. Only requirements are that we ask that you are motivated, you are a health enthusiast and you have a passion for helping others and paying it forward.

Fill out the application below to be considered for my upcoming Coach Apprenticeship Training.

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